Third health survey

The third health survey began in 2021.

Participants in the second study will be informed about the third study in order of the year of their participation. 

Participation in the third health survey will allow the IMM to compare a participant’s current health status to his or her previous health status. This offers participants a chance to re-examine their health.

In addition,the IMM will be able to analyze the association between changes in health and the development of illness. 

Participants will be individually informed about the second health survey.

Study details

At each satellite office, Plans are to follow the same format as  the second health survey.

  1. Blood and urine collection
  2. Questionnaires on health and lifestyle (3 forms)
  3. Physiological testing (action of the heart, arteriosclerosis, visceral fat, testing for osteoporosis, etc.)

Participants will be informed of their test results and what those results mean. 

Study sites

Satellite offices

  • Yahaba Center (Iwate Medical University, Yahaba campus, Center for Research and Training on Community Health Services during Disasters, 1st fl.)
  • Kuji Satellite office (Kuji City Hall Annex, 3rd fl.)
  • Miyako Satellite office (Ueda building, 2nd fl.)
  • Kamaishi Satellite office (in preparation)
  • Kesen Satellite office (Konno building, 2nd fl.)