Satellite offices

Bases of operations

In order to provide medical support rooted in the community, Iwate Tohoku Medical Megabank is currently preparing to open satellite offices that will serve as bases of operations in the coastal region. Satellite offices have been set up at four locations: Kuji, Miyako, Kamaishi, and Kesen.




Satellite offices – providing support to promote health

In addition to performing Medical Megabank check-ups, satellite offices host seminars and lectures on health. Moreover, medical staff members provide health counseling and advice on preventing illness. The Medical Megabank strives to be close at hand to safeguard mental and physical health by locating its bases of operation in the coastal region.


Check-ups at satellite offices

The following tests can be administered during a satellite office check-up:

  • Measurement of blood pressure (ankle-brachial index) and pulse wave velocity:
    These measurements reveal your “vascular age,” which is directly related to your level of arteriosclerosis. Determining whether your vascular or actual age is greater will help you to prevent diseases, such as stroke and myocardial infarction.
  • Bone density test:
    This test measures the content of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, in bone. A shortage of minerals causes bone to become fragile and increases their likelihood of breaking (fracturing). Determining your bone density will also aid the early detection osteoporosis.
  • Visceral fat test:
    Visceral or abdominal fat is stored in the abdomen and is a major cause of lifestyle-related diseases, such as hyperglycemia and hypertension. Accumulation of visceral fat can cause lifestyle-related diseases and increases the risk of arteriosclerosis, resulting in a condition known as Metabolic Syndrome. This test examines the Area of Visceral Fat, which is an index of Metabolic Syndrome.

In addition, other tests, such as blood tests, urinalysis, electrocardiogram, and cervical artery echography, can also be administered.