What the Biobank project seeks to accomplish

The Biobank will cryopreserve collected biological samples. In the future, the Biobank will extract DNA and construct a system that can be used as a resource to provide information obtained by bioinformatics and genomic analyses. The vast number of biological samples stored by the Medical Megabank Project will be accompanied by detailed information on medical history and lifestyle. Such resources are needed to provide information on illness and health tailored to each individual in the future.

The Biobank of Iwate Tohoku Medical Megabank seeks to consolidate an unprecedented number of samples and quality information. The Biobank also seeks to assist with reconstruction of the community by providing the informational resources needed for various analyses.


Individuals who wish to provide samples and information for inclusion in the biobank are asked to complete the application procedures at the site below.

The Tohoku Medical Megabank Project

Website for Biobank Specimens and Information