Main Office

Health surveys will be conducted at the Yahaba Campus of Iwate Medical University.
The Yahaba Campus functions as a main satellite office training facility for Genome Medical Research Coordinators and other personnel. With the assistance of highly trained personnel, we promise to conduct high-quality health surveys.


Iwate Medical Megabank satellite offices are also equipped with the latest testing equipment (shown below). Participants can undergo testing for arteriosclerosis, respiratory function, visceral fat, and more.

Be sure to drop by for an Iwate Medical Megabank satellite office check-up as a way to reassess your health. (Offices are preparing to open soon!)



This equipment tests the elasticity of arteries, blood flow, and the clogging of blood vessels, allowing you to determine your “vascular age.”



Flow-medicated dilation
(UNEX corporation)

This equipment allows early detection of arteriosclerosis in blood vessels.



Benus evo ultrasound Bone Densitometer

This equipment examines the strength of your bones and helps diagnose osteoporosis and fracture risk. This equipment also reveals your “bone age.”




This equipment examines the Area of Visceral Fat, which is an index of Metabolic Syndrome. An area of 100 cm2 or greater is deemed an indicator of visceral fat accumulation.